About Expo

"Small Art From The Heart" (SAFTH) International ACEO Art Exhibition will be hosted at the Stream building, 1 State Rd., Newaygo, Michigan, 49337.

This 22 Day Exhibit will be open from August 11th through September 2nd, 2012.

The “Small Art From The Heart Exhibition” will be a great opportunity for artists of all levels, from around the world, to showcase and advertise their talents through the form of small scale art to benefit the cause to end child abuse and neglect.

   All art displayed is direct from the artists and cannot be found in stores!  Many of the participating artists have never created ACEO art before and have donated their time and art exclusively for this charity exhibit -  there is over 2,000 pieces of art that you may never see again!

This event is a great opportunity for the emerging and professional artists and sponsors to market and promote their art and businesses in a professional and inexpensive manner.

Visit http://safth-sponsorship-opportunity.blogspot.com/ for details on sponsorship opportunities.
The exhibition's theme will be a celebration of "diversity" - acceptance and respect for all types of art from around the world.

ACEO art cards by children as well as novice and professional artists from all over the world will be on display indoors at the Stream in Newaygo, Michigan, just 30 minutes northeast of Grand Rapids and will attract attendees from a multi-county area.  Be sure to visit our "Featured Artists" page to see the many professional artists who will be participating in this exhibit.

What are ACEO cards?  ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions, and Originals".  They are also known as ATCs, or "Artist Trading Cards".  They can be original artwork, numbered edition prints and photographs.  ACEO cards are a fun way to collect art from artists all over the world at a fraction of the cost for larger pieces.  Each card is 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", the size of a baseball card, which makes it easy to collect in display cases or store in albums. Art cards can be on any weight of paper, thin card board or matte, texture, color or subject matter.

The expo is announcing a call to all children (5 and up), novice and professional artists from all over the globe to create and enter ACEO art cards in the form of paintings, photographs, prints and mixed media artworks.  All art will be juried and 1st place prizes will be awarded to young artists in school grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.  

Please keep in mind that thousands of visitors will view this exhibition, including many school children. While the exhibit will strive to exhibit all entries, works that are overly sexually explicit may not be put on display.

Admission is free, with free parking outside the event area.

Due to the quantity of art being displayed at this year’s 1st show (2,000+) - we want to maximize profits for the children’s charity and simply do not have resources to have visitors purchase the art cards and then have to mail them to them after the show dates (which would be approx. $1,100 with shipping and handling fees)...so in efforts to keep the integrity of the show for late visitors during the 22 day exhibit, we are making copies of each art card and placing them behind each original.  When an original is purchased during the show, the copy will remain for all to see what was originally donated.  

Once we find a sponsor who can color scan some art will have some of the cards on TradingCardAuctions.com as well for people interested in purchasing art that cannot attend the actual show, which we will be providing more information for on-line sales soon!

SAFTH Art prices will range from $1 to $100, with the average being $15-$20 for each.  Please bring CASH with you for purchases...we cannot verify at this time if we can accept credit cards, but can accept PAYPAL.

There will be pre-cut ACEO size matts and select frames available for purchase during the show, courtesy of Dreese Framing Gallery.
All small artworks and ACEO art card submissions must be received by July 1st, 2012

Drop off or mail your ACEO art card entries by July 1st, 2012 to:
SAFTH International Art Exhibition
Elizabeth Halsey's Boutique
51 East Wood Street
Newaygo, MI 49337

If you have any questions or desire more information on ACEO art card rules or submission, please contact Sherri Russell by email at
sherriannrussell@gmail.com  or Dawn Campbell at (231) 652-1454.

For additional interest - 10 x 10 (or smaller) artworks will be on display in near by venues during the SAFTH Exhibit dates. Visit River Valley - A Celebration Of Small Artworks for more information.