Participating Artists

Artists from 35 countries and 28 states have pledged to participate in the 2012 SAFTH Exhibit - 130+ adult artists and 1300+ children!

All displayed art is direct from the artists and cannot be found in stores!  Many of the participating artists have never created ACEO art before and have donated their time and art exclusively for this charity exhibit - that you may never see again!

Information and art from artists, around the world, will be listed under these pages: Special Media Art, Mixed Media Art, Photo/Digital Art, Watercolor Art, Oil/Acrylic Art, Sketch Art and Honored Art.

Listed below are recent pledges of participation from some of the most talented artists and schools, from around the world!  They will be submitting "original" and/or "limited edition prints" of orginal artworks in the form of ACEO art cards that represent their personal art styles and cultural communities from which they reside:

Kristine Maverick from Michigan
Ash MirzaLahore from Punjab - Pakistan
Paige Poss from Michigan
Fremont "Daisy Brook" Elementary School - (193 kids)
Sefedin Stafa from Albania
Mariana Padurean from Romania
Lynn Rowe from New Mexico
Laura Smith from Michigan-Tawain
Nancy Myers from Michigan
Malissa Priebe from Staten Island, New York
Carolee Friday from New Mexico
Vasanth Warapitiya from Sri Lanka
Padurean Mariana from Romania
Ron Magnes from Pennsylvania
Eugenia Mangra from Romania
Leslie Anderson from Michigan
Ruth VanDePol from Netherlands
Sherri Ann Russell from Michigan
Dawn Gilmore from New Jersey
Nathalie Reinholz from Germany
Margret Ann Anisko from Michigan
Maria Hamilton from Dallas DFW, Texas
Shannon Trudell and daughter Lauren from Michigan
Darice Machel McGuire from California - Hawaii
Dan Monroe from Michigan
Ana Gonçalves from United Kingdom
Ankica Stojanoska from Macedonia,The Former Republic Of Yugoslav
Gemma Stothard & daughter from United Kingdom
PCA Summer Programs from Michigan (300 kids)
Croton township Summer Program from Michigan (30 kids)
Newaygo Public Elementary Schools from Michigan (519 kids)
Katya Lifanova from Russia
Patti Koosed from Oregon
Veronica Winters from Pennsylvania
Bud Cassiday from Nebraska
Anil Nene from India
Irina Sztukowski from California
Jason Gluskin from Brooklyn, New York
Susan Trudell from Wisconsin
Bob Lee from Michigan
Brenda Salza from Coos Bay, Oregon
Marcey Hawk from California
Dee Paras from Pennsylvania
Xaint Paul Aguebor from Nigeria
Schin Loong from Las Vegas, Nevada
Ivan Gracic from Serbia
George Peckham from Australia
Harsh Lata from New York/India
Gegham Asatryan an "Honored" artist of Armenia
Allan P. Friedlander from California
Veronique Perron from Montreal, Canada
Tracey Chan from Trinidad and Tobago
Valency Rita Lindemann "Gyspsi" from Parsons, Kansas
Evan Farinosi from Michigan
Angela Taylor from "ACEO Magazine"
Patience and H.S. students from Urabana Illinois
Helina Million from Ethiopia
Eric LeMire from Michigan
Sy Tyson from Florida
David Abse from France
Monika Blatton from Poland
Abdelfattah Ameen from Egypt
Khattin from Russian Federation
Doranne Alden from Malta
Midge Pippel from Michigan
Becky Wadle from Michigan
Uglov Alexander Viktorovich from Ukraine
Chris Cook from Madison Georgia
Valentin Sakharov from Ukraine
Adilson Pinto from Brazil
Vitor Moinhos from Portugal
Songul Torunoglu from Turkey
Daniel Henciu Bulimar from Romania
Rolando Lambiase from Italy
Rachael Harper "beeswax artist" from United Kingdom
Jose De la Barra from Peru
Brenda Renzulli from California
Lamia and Adib Fattal from Syria
Nina Silaeva from Moscow, Russia
Heidi Lumpkin from South Carolina
Christy Dekoning from Ontario, Canada
Penny Gutman Link from Minnesota
Mark Richard Luther from Herkimer, New York
Star-Filled-Sky from Colorado
Analí Chanquía from Argentina
Prasert Luekrajangtham from Bangkok, Thailand
Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University
Arline Wagner from California
CARDED Trading Card Art Show in Vancouver, B.C. - 50 talented artists for 2012!
Jeff Gagliardi, award winning "Etch-A-Stecth artist" from Colorado
Nate Russell from Boulder,Colorado
Kaili Williams from Wellington, Florida
Linda Donnelly from Murrieta, California
Glenn Nicholls from Hereford, England, UK
Paula Dileo from Auburn, California
Ron Waldeck from South Africa
Liza Wheeler from Costa del Sol, Spain
Julia Di Sano from Vancouver, British Columbia
Brandy Cattoor from Denver, Colorado
Sue Perez from North Platte, Nebraska
Jessica Grundy from Huntsville, Texas
Catherine Temple from Clarkston, Washington
Nicola Holmshaw from Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
John Robert Beck from New Jersey
Josh Moore from Columbia, Missouri
Polly Ford from Indiana

Amber Day "featuring Onyx the cat" from United States
Sharmen Kimbrough from Goldsboro, North Carolina
Karibeth Miller from Minnesota
Lisa Carney(ASIL) from Quebec
Susan Farrington - Mixed Media artist
Brenda from "PrairieDaisies" in Missouri
Martha Shelnutt from Alabama
Ren'ee Rutana from Massachusetts
Shelley Ozbirn from Mississippi
Erica and Nancy from Kanab, UT

Erica Richards from Wellsville, New York
Richard Nodine from California
Dawn Campbell from Cedar Springs, Michigan