1. Who/how are prices decided on the cards in the show for sale?

SAFTH staff will determine pricing based on original art, prints and limited editions. We do often ask the artist for a suggested minimum value (if no comps are available) to stay true to each artist’s prices they will typically sell their art for outside of this show.  (Average prices range from $1 to $35 - and a few higher up to 75)

2. Are purchased cards taken with the buyers immediately or somehow picked up or mailed to them at the end of the show?

Exhibit visitors can purchase most of the art during the show and  a select grouping on-line at Trading Card Auctions.

Art from children and students can be purchased for $1 to $5 for each card and taken immediately...These children worked very hard and were eager to help, so we encourage all visitors to please purchase their art - we will have a raffle ticket in each one that you can fill out for a chance to win a prize after the show ends.

Art from all SAFTH participating artists can be purchased during show with cash. A (non-sale) color copy of each card will remain behind during the show so all can see what each artist donated to ensure late visitors a great experience and gain exposure to all types of art and culture from artists - (each artist was promised complete exhibit date exposure for their businesses).

Custom cut mats and frames will be available for purchase during the show in addition to the art.

We are also currently working on an on-line purchase opportunity for those of you that can't travel to Michigan, but would love to purchase some of this magnificant art...so stay tuned for more details....

3. What is the deadline date for art submissions?

July 1st, 2012 is our deadline date for submissions for 2012.  However, we are excepting pledged participations for the 2013 show.  If you are an artist that would like to participate in our 2013 exhibit, please email sherriannrussell@gmail.com and pledge your participation with your name, contact information and we will sign you up today.

4. Are 100% of the sales proceeds given to the charity?

Yes, all proceeds are given directly to the 2012 chosen children's charity.

5. Are all reproduction rights of the artworks retained by the artist who created the work?
All submitted artwork must be original and free of copyright restrictions (ie, you must be the original creator of the work and willing to let us reproduce your artwork as necessary). By submitting artwork to SAFTH, you are giving us the right to use your art for publicity, display, and sale to benefit the chosen children's charity. Publicity includes this website and any fair public use related to the*SAFTH including sale at the show or other events, on this site, and in promotional materials.

6. My child really wants to participate, but is under the age of 5, can an acception be made for he/she to still participate?
If you have a child under five years old that really wants to pariticipate, please contact us and tell us your detials and we can let them participate upon their parents approval - we just originally started with the age of 5 for school participations.

7. What do I get for sponsorsing SAFTH? 

For 2012 SAFTH sponsorship opportunity information, visit http://safth-sponsorship-opportunity.blogspot.com/

8. What charity will benefit from this exhibit and where will the funds go?

Proceeds from 2012 SAFTH International ACEO Art Exhibit will benefit the fight to end child abuse and neglectt.
Our Nation's children are our hope for the future, and caring for them is one of our greatest responsibilities. During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we renew our commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect by promoting healthy families, protecting children, and supporting communities throughout our Nation.

Although a strong family unit is the best deterrent to child abuse, effectively intervening in the lives of children threatened by abuse is a shared responsibility. Strengthening the bonds within families requires community members and leaders to partner with parents. From schools to local social service agencies, we can work together to protect the well being of our children by recognizing the signs of violence and creating safe, stable, and nurturing environments that safeguard the promise of their futures.

As a Nation, we must continue our work to ensure all children have the ability to live free from abuse and neglect by advocating for the safety of all young people. For more information about what families and communities can do to overcome this devastating problem, concerned Americans can visit: www.ChildWelfare.gov/Preventing.

2012 proceeds from the Newaygo Art Card Expo will benefit the Newaygo County Child Abuse and Prevention Center for PCA summer programs and "just for me bags".

PCA Summer Programs:
PCA Summer Programs is a fun and educational eight-week day camp type setting held in the afternoons for children ages 5 - 18 years old! It has been in operation since 1996 and has serviced up to 800 children per summer.

The programs offer education beyond the classroom, recreation, team building skills, mentoring, and new creative activities. Children also receive free lunch and snacks while attending the program.
Programs are held for three different age groups, Summer Magic (5-8 yrs.), Keenagers (9-12 yrs.) and Teen ChallengeS (13-18 yrs) at 3 waterfront locations in Newaygo County:

• Fremont Lake Park in Fremont on Mon., Wed., & Fri.

• Henning Park in Newaygo on Tues., Thurs., & Fri.

• Mill Pond in White Cloud on Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thurs.

Just For Me Bags:
Backpacks are available for youth age 16 and under who are suddenly displaced from their homes due to disaster, domestic violence or abuse/neglect. Each bag contains a blanket, tee shirt, socks, book, game, toy, stuffed animal, and a personal hygiene kit. These backpacks are available by referral from any Fire department, police agency, church, school, social services agency, or the Department of Human Services.

For more information visit: http://newaygocountyprevention.org/ New information for Newaygo County Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (PCA) for those who wish to donate directly to PCA:

Building address: 1268 E. Newell, White Cloud, MI  49349

Mailing address: 
PO Box 415, White Cloud, MI  49349  
Executive Director Karen Kroll; phone 231-689-5223       
Administrative Assissant Paula Bender; phone 231-689-5220     email; prbender@yahoo.com