Meet the Staff

Sherri Russell - Founder, Executive Director & Internet Social Media Advisor

Besides her involvement in Art, Outdoor Writing, Engineering and Motherhood, Sherri enjoys helping her community and favorite charities through new and creative fundraising events and internet promotions.

· As an artist, Sherri prefers working with non-traditional mixed media to compliment her more contemporary and/or abstraction style.  Visit to learn more about her artworks.

· As an outdoors enthusiast and fly fishing gal from She's So Fly Outdoor News, Sherri is intrigued and amazed by Nature’s life cycles and its splendor - and enjoys sharing her fishing passion and travel experiences through writing and art.

· As a design engineer, Sherri loves learning and applying new techniques and tricks to keep her creatively challenged.

· As a mother, Sherri loves the never ending surprises that teenagers give and the challenges they provide because it makes the other interests mentioned above seem easy!

Gina Webster - Scheduling Coordinator

Between owning and operating Whitecloud Alpaca Farm and a massage therapy clinic, Gina enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and helping out with charity events. 

If you are an artist, musician or have a unique skill trade and would like to be a demonstrator during exhibit hours for a day, please contact Gina at 231.335.9372 or by email at

Gina knows how to "crack the whip" and get things done in efforts to stay on schedule!  We are very grateful to have her as part of our staff to keep everyone on track of their expected tasks.

Dawn Elizabeth Campbell - Development Coordinator

Between owning a women's clothing and accessories store (Elizabeth Halsey Boutique), running fashion shows, and creating original and custom paintings, she spends time with her husband, Joe and daschound named Blanche.  They live in a beautiful log home in the woods and enjoy kayaking down the Muskegon river.

Dawn is an acrylic painter and has sold hundreds of paintings out of coffee shops, galleries and her own boutique.

Dawn loves to copy the greats in bold colors and then adds her own take on them. They say that immition is the purest form of flattery. She also loves animals and often paints dogs. Her art is green in the fact that she doesn't buy new canvas, she recycles whate ever she can get her hands on and sometimes incorporating antique jewelry.

Donna Friar – Event Promoter

Between promoting local events and owning/operating her own business “This Old House Antiques”, Donna stays pretty busy.  People always think it was a lifelong dream of hers to own a business, however that is not the case.  It was really done out of necessity as her husband would not let her bring another thing home!  She still wanted to go “junking” on the hunt for "good stuff" and so she thought if she could buy & sell too, then maybe he'd let her keep doing what she loves.  Well it worked, and now he even says "Go Girl" when she wants to go do her thing and he even picks stuff up for her.  This past year she changed into a resale shop in addition to the antiques and takes donated items to help two of her favorite charities, Camp Newaygo & Vera's House.

Rachel Wisner - Chief Security Officer -   Owns and operates Wisner Rents Canoes right in the heart of "River Valley Wonderland" and is a City Council member for the city of Newaygo, Mi.  Rachel is very involved with helping small businesses and non profit organizations grow and prosper with in her community.

Staff Support - Please contact Gina Webster if you are interested in volunteering!

Debra Berry - Owner of Gallery 51 East
Karen Kroll - Executive Director of Newaygo County PCA
Wendy Muir - Owner of Sportsmans Restaurant and Bar