Sketch Art

Sketch Artwork brings different styles and techniques by creating hand drawn sketches using materials such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink, charcoal or oil pastel.

Participating Artists (in alphabetical order):

Amber (Day) Bernt  Artist from the United States, created this card especially for the SAFTH Exhibit.

"Onyx Cat™ is an original creation by artist Amber (Day) Bernt".
The Onyx Cat story- Onyx started as nothing more than a doodle for my Halloween cat back in October of 2010. Every year for Halloween I’d do a different black cat but something about this devilish feline stuck. I’d barely get one card done with a slight variation of this pointed eared extra long tailed black cat, and my art buyers were asking for more! Even well beyond the Halloween art buying period my buyers wanted more of the black cat. Onyx was developing somewhat of a sarcastic trouble maker personality and he needed a name…. I didn’t just want him to be ‘the black cat’. So I settled on bright green eyes and dubbed him Onyx Cat! People continued to eat him up.  Onyx Cat now has his own fan page with a weekly comic and his own facebook profile page.  Note from Amber - There are big changes happening in my life, but I am still creating new ACEO and small format Onyx Cat and other art, which can be purchased on my website. The Onyx doll is now available for purchase in two sizes in my shop too. Here’s my contact information- Email- . My Zazzle shop for all your apparel, home, and office needs featuring my original work. You can also connect with Onyx on facebook or me on facebook.

Anali Chanquia  Artist from Argentia - has submitted 15 awesome ACEO prints to the SAFTH expo. Each card is hand signed by the artist himself. We are providing a sneak preview of 3 of the art cards.  Anali's art is a perfect example of what SAFTH wants to show it's visitors in hopes they discover and learn more about the diverse types of art subjects and styles that are favored in other countries and continents other than their own. More of Anali's atworks can be viewed and purchased at and his printed art for advertisements at

Carla Smale  Artist from British Columbia - Pet Portrait and Teddy Bear Artist. Custom orders - If you have a special pet or teddy bear that you want captured in coloured pencil or paint, you can contact her through her website and/or she can be found on Ebay at Bobby Bears Ebay Store

Chris Foreman is widely known as a professional "Comic Art" sketch card artist who has contributed to such sets as Femforce for Sad Littles, Hack/Slash from Image Comics and 5finity Productions, Treasure Chests and Booty from Bad Axe Studios, the upcoming Luxura: Sword of the Apocalypse set from Kirk Lindo and The Sketch Card Studio, Dangerous Divas from Marvel Comics and Ritten house Archives, Marvel Beginnings and Captain America : The First Avenger from Marvel Studios and Upper Deck. He has also participated in numerous sketch card charities from Blue Line Arts to The Chicagoland Expos' Treasure Chests of Sketch Cards to go towards research for Pediatric Oncology. Chris has made and continues to make appearances at various comic conventions throughout the southern region, offering original sketch cards on his own card stock ON THE SPOT, as well as full size commissioned artwork and prints to boot.  For commissions, email  You can view more sketches at these two sites: and

Kaili Williams artist from Florida, has submitted an original ACEO card titled "Julie and her pet dinosaur" that was created with colored pencil, marker & ink.  See more of her art at:, and from the artist:  I wanted to make a cute illustrated aceo that seemed like it could fit in a storybook. The idea was to work with some of my daydreams as a child. I always wanted a pet dinosaur, and here I have drawn “Julie” having fun with her adorable little vegetarian dinosaur friend.

Nathalie Reinholz  Artist from Germany is an illustrator, drawer and painter. Her preferred mediums are watercolours as well as ink pens and colored pencils.  Her attention to detail with in her ink drawings is amazing and does not go un-noticed!  Learn more about Nathalie at and

Sy Tyson  Artist from Florida has submitted seventeen ACEO cards to the SAFTH exhibit. Sy's art is fun-colorful and with much detail - primary media's used are: color pencil and ink-   Sy has been retired now for 7 years and started then. Hi is self taught. He likes working in ink and color pencil. Sy has found himself driven by the need to produce art, He works almost every day drawing something and even doodles while watching TV. He find himself when not drawing, looking at the art that others produce and wonder at the creativenes that all others display.

To view more of his wonderful art, visit