Submit Your Art

The SAFTH Exhibit is an effective tool for emerging and professional artists to market and promote their art in a professional and inexpensive manner. We will market your art to buyers during the exhibit and to the international community of art buyers online.

There is NO submission fee or jury selection requirements for artists to participate!
In addition to novice and professional artists, this years exhibition will accept ACEO art cards from children ages 5 and up,

All cards must be 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (64x89mm) in size.  For more rules, please visit the "ACEO Rules" page with in this website. 

Art cards can be on any weight of paper, thin card board or matte, texture, color or subject matter. They can be created with multi-media or any material such as etching, oil, collage, pencil, ink, finger paints, acrylic or watercolor.  A budget solution for the art card base is to simply take an empty cereal box and cut it into multiple 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (64x89mm) pieces.

ACEO Art Card Supplies can be purchased at Time2Split on - Enter discount code SAFTH for a 5% discount on all purchases.  We have discovered their art supplies to be very inexpensive and very good quality materials.  Tpically artists will use a cardboard blank for mixed media art and paper blanks for painting.  Most artists will also include a plastic sleeve to protect their art from damage.

All ACEO art cards will be displayed for one month at the Stream in Newaygo, Mi, and sold to raise money for charity.  All ACEO cards are to be donated to this exhibit with all proceeds to benefit charity.

Summary on how to pledge to participate and submit your art to SAFTH:

How to Enter: 

Email and pledge to participate provide your personal information such as;
1. your full name
2. state/country
3. short bio (if desired)
4. describe your style of art and medium used
5. email address contact information (phone is optional)
6. How many original artworks or prints of original artworks you will be submitting - there is no min or max limits

Art size requirements:

1. ACEO size 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (64mm x 89mm) - no deviations.

Art submission deadline: July 1st, 2012.  

Submit Your Art - All art is to be dropped off or shipped to:

SAFTH International Art Exhibit – S. Russell
Elizabeth Halsey’s Boutique
51 East Wood Street
Newaygo, Michigan 49337

(if you did not pledge by email, then  please include the following information: your name and contact information such as; phone number, email address or mailing address along with your art cards so that we may contact you if your art is chosen to a be winner by our jurors with your art)

How will the artist be represented:

1. Artwork will be on display for 3 weeks
2. art and information will be printed in an event booklet
3. artists information will be on display on SAFTH website

Jury show results:

1. Selected artists of "original" and "prints of original" artwork will be mentioned on our website by August 12th, 2012.

Copy right notice:
All submitted artwork must be original and free of copyright restrictions (ie, you must be the original creator of the work and willing to let us reproduce your artwork as necessary). By submitting artwork to SAFTH, you are giving us the right to use your art for publicity, display, and sale to benefit the chosen children's charity. Publicity includes this website and any fair public use related to the SAFTH including sale at the show or other events, on this site, and in promotional materials.

Ten Reasons Why Art Is Good For Kids

1) Art Teaches Problem Solving. Making art demonstrates that there can be multiple solutions to the same problem.  Art expands our experience and encourages open-ended thinking that creates an environment of questions rather than answers.

2) Art Prepares Kids for the Future. Creative, open-minded people are highly desired in all career paths. Art and creative education increases the future quality of the local and global community.  Being creative is a life long skill that can be used in everyday situations.

3) Art Generates a Love of Learning and Openness to New Ideas. Art develops a willingness to explore what has not existed before.  Art teaches risk-taking and being open to possibilities.  Art allows one to grow from making mistakes.  Kids whose creativity is nurtured are curious and inspired to learn more.

4) Art is Big Business.  At the core of the multi-billion dollar film and video game industry are artists creating images and stories.  Every commercial product is designed by artists from chairs to cars, space stations to iPods. A Van Gogh painting sold for $83 million.

5) Art Develops the Whole Brain.  Art strengthens focus and increases attention, develops hand-eye co-ordination, requires practice and strategic thinking, and involves interacting with the material world through different tools and art mediums.

6) Art Improves Performance.  Art builds self-esteem, increases motivation and student attendance, improves grades and communications, nurtures teamwork, and strengthens our relationship to the environment.

7) Art Facilitates Emotional Intelligence.  Art supports the expression of complex feelings that help kids feel better about themselves and helps them understand others by “seeing” what they have expressed and created.  Art supports personal meaning in life, discovering joy in one’s own self, often being surprised, and then eliciting it in others.

8) Art Builds Community.  Art reaches across racial stereotypes, religious barriers, and socio-economic levels and prejudices.  Seeing other cultures creative expression allows everyone to be more connected and less isolated.  Art creates a sense of belonging: We can see how we are all related.

9) Art Awakens the Senses.  Art opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination.  Art is a process of learning to create ourselves and experience the world in new ways. Arts support the bigger picture view of life: beauty, symbols, spirituality, storytelling, and helps us step out of time allowing one to be present in the moment. Art keeps the magic alive.

10) Art is Eternal. Creativity and self-expression has always been essential to our humanity.  Our earliest creative expressions were recorded in petroglyphs, cave paintings, and ancient sculptures.  One of the first things kids do is play, draw, and use their imaginations.