Oil/Acrylic Art

Oil Paints - Oil paints are king of the ring when blending colours together. Because of the slow drying nature of oil paints they can can fantastic for creating subtle blends.  Oil paints stay wet for a lot longer than acrylics and gives the artist the flexibility to start a painting and then come back to it the next day and continue straight where they left off.
Acrylic Paints - Blending with acrylics can be frustrating due to the rapidness of the drying time.  Artists can achieve smooth blends with acrylics you just have to work quickly.  The crisp edges that can be achieved with acrylics can be hugely beneficial if you paint with a more graphic composition. Artists can mask out areas, work over them quickly, and easily cover a hard shape with thicker paint.  Clean, bright colours can be achieved very easily.

Participating Artists (in alphabetical order):

Ankica Stojanoska  Artist from Macedonia, The Former Republic Of Yugoslav, has submitted 3 lovely ACEO size prints of original artwork to the SAFTH Exhibition. Each art piece was created with oil paints and a palette knife.  Here is a sneak preview of one of them.   Bio from Ankica:  I was born 1948 year in Prilep, Macedonia. I work as a librarian at the Faculty of Economics – Prilep, Macedonia, and besides the books, painting is my second passion. As an self-educated artist in this field, I would like to share my art works with other painters.  You can view more of her art that is available for purchase at http://www.artbreak.com/ankicastojanoska

Chris Cook  Fine Artist from Georgia, paints with a southern flavor!  Self-taught artist Chris Cook paints mostly landscapes of Georgia and Tennessee and is also recognized as a Southern Expressionist.  Chris is a painter of his world view: United States of America - Southeastern United States - The Deep South - Atlanta and the smaller communities and Georgia at large. His work is untamed and boundary free. Unlike most artists, he cannot be pinned down into an overall style, subject matter or even genre. He continually searches for new expression as you will see in the wide variety of work represented here.  Learn more about Chris and his art at: http://www.chriscookartist.com/  

Christi Dreese  Professional Artist
Christi’s artwork will be featured in this year’s "Small Art From The Heart Expo" advertising campaign. This native Michigander, studied at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she acquired her Bachelor of Art degree and business administration major. Christi paints from her heart. She loves being near the water and therefore paints many West Michigan lakeshore scenes. “The water gives me a sense of peace as I sit in my chair gazing across the lake.” Several sketches are created in graphite and then taken back to the studio for her interpretation.   Chriti's favorite materials: Canvas, Watercolor Paper, Acrylic Paint, Graphite, Beads Just about anything related to the arts.  For more information on Christi and her artwork, visit www.cmdreese4.etsy.com or her blog http://www.dreesefineart.blogspot.com/.  Her art is also on display at C2C Gallery in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Eugenia Mangra  Abstract Artist from Romania, has submitted 4 original ACEO paintings to the SAFTH expo!
The majority of his paintings are abstract compositions, sometimes combined with figurative elements, created with oil and acrylic on stretched canvas. The heavy dripping goes across the paintings leaving gesture to its ultimate level of freedom. Present in a wide range of rhythms, it confers a dynamic aspect to the paintings. In this artist's view, painting is part of the spectacle of life, it is a continuous source of energy and balance.  visit http://www.eugeniamangra.com/ to view larger art for sale by Eugenia or custom order art.

Glenn Nicholls  Artist from Herefordshire, England, UK - Glenn paints traditional landscapes as a platform and baseline too keep his feet on the ground, whilst pushing the boundaries of his art towards a more modern, funky and quirky format that is measured against a Modernist style of Architecture.  Glenn painted a wonderful series for this years exhibit titled "Postcards From England".  He cleaverly added a postage stamp on the back side of each card too.

Khattin Valery  Artist from Russia, works with oil paints.  He likes to create landscape paintings.  Additional  larger scale artwork is available on artbreak for purchase.

Jason Gluskin is a professional NYC artist whose work has been classified as energetic, whimsical, colorful and musical. His work has been showcased throughout New York City and New Jersey. His art has garnered a global following of loyal fans as well as accolades from the press. His vibrant compositions, most produced directly on canvas, are drawn from his urban surroundings, a plethora of music and art as well personal experiences.  See more of his art at http://www.jasongluskin.com/ and www.facebook.com/jasongluskinart

Marcey Hawk  Artist from California, Paints in unique & obscure ways...Her art is Explorative, Intimate and slightly Erotic. Visit her store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/justmarcey.  Note from Marcey:  I am a local Southern Californian artist specializing in original abstract breast paintings. Yes painted by real breasts. My art is something very personal...an extension of self & emotion that's unleashed on a canvas in an explosion of colors & movement. A portion of each painting sold is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Monica Blatton  Professional Artist, Painter and Illustrator from Poland, has submitted four ACEO prints to the SAFTH Expo. Each card is hand signed by the artist. The art card we are showcasing is titled "Machine For Making Good Deeds".  To view more of Monica's signature character art, please visit: http://pinterest.com/monicablatton/pins/
Nina Silayeva, Professional Artist
"The Moscow Artist", Nina Silayeva works with oil paints in a naturalistic manner and expresses the vision of the world surrounding us by the cloths full of picturesque tension of color and thought! Traditions of picturesque culture are present at Nina Silayeva's works which are devoted to a city landscapes and sea subjects. The French impressionists Maurice Utrillo, Armand Giyomen, Paul Cezanne and Albert Mark became inspirers and anchors of the picturesque beginnings and truth under which banner individual graphic handwriting of artist Nina Silayeva blossoms. Gallery of works of the artist: http://www.artslon.ru/ and http://artnow.ru/en/gallery/3/347.html

Ray Dicken, Professional Artist
Ray is one of the most popular ACEO artists in the world!
Raised in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming and lived in Buffalo Wyoming most of his life. Ray now resides in Billings, Montana. In 1981 he won the US VICA Olympic Gold Medal in Commercial art. Competed in the World VICA Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. Ray has been painting and drawing all his life even as a young child, and started seriously painting and drawing as he traveled around the world. Ray has been to many different countries, and you will see in his art a wide range of worldly work - his attention to detail is amazing on his art cards.

Ray will be focusing on a "Children and Fishing" theme for this years show and his art will be a "must see" when visiting this years expo.(Sneak preview shown to right)

Here is an example of one of Ray's ACEO original paintings.  The detail he puts into each card is simply amazing for only 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" in size.  You can find more of Ray's artwork on Ebay.

Ron Waldeck
Wildlife artist from South Africa, has submitted a pair of original hand painted ACEO's titled, "Acacia Tortilis" to the SAFTH exhibit that bursts of color!

Ron Waldeck the artist:

"A man who paints to live, and who lives to paint" is an apt description of artist Ron Waldeck. His involvement in art started at an early age and his passion for wild life, birds and animals is as strong as ever.  Animal close up portraits, present a special challenge, that is very time consuming. However, when successful, they provide the artist with a very special feeling of satisfaction.  Ron has been painting for the past 29 years so he has obviously matured in his chosen field and the mediums of his choice, acrylic being the one and then an combination of watercolour and gouache the other.  To view magnificant wildlife art visit Ron's website at: http://www.artpromotions.co.za/ - you won't be dissapointed!

Sara Pulver  Artist form Rochester, New York - her art style is full of whimsical, quirky and just slightly demented paintings, prints and cards of dogs, cats, horses, owls, foxes, crows and who knows what else. Email: threecrows@rochester.rr.com

Songul Torunoglu  Acrylic artist form Turkey - her art style is full of Turkish culture and classic!  Her adventure in painting began at childhood.  She studied with famous artist's in studio and went to public art courses.  She has always studied painting herself at home. Last month she attended art and design school with an art volunteers group.  Songul will continue to paint and learn about art, it is her passion.  View more of her art at: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/songul-igdeli-torunoglu.html